Who you are right now.
What you've got right now.
What this could become.
Chunk Down task by task.
Emotion. Excitement.
Dedication. Selfless action.
Trust intuition. Fine Tuning.
Include and Be Included.
Completions. Higher Purpose.

Using Your Numbers


Who you are right now.
What you feel right now.
Knowing Center.
initiate. Origins.

Before you can decide what to ask for and what to do about it, you must first be as honest as you can about your starting point. You should find a few things that make you wince. This is a good sign.

Tell yourself the whole truth about what you feel about where you are at this moment, in this situation. You are not jumping to conclusions about what actions are necessary here. This is an essential beginning point. The effective actions will be revealed later.

There will also be a few things that are wonderful and dear. Keep these and don’t fall into the trap of preparing to give them up in exchange. We are not going to “throw the baby out with the bath water”. Sacrifice can be grand for the right reasons. Put these reasons on hold for a bit.

Avoid justifications or hasty judgments at this point. You are just getting oriented from point one. Point two, which establishes your direction, will come soon.

Where you are right now.
What you've got right now.
Take Inventory
Assess resources
Interact. One on One.

Honesty is again appropriate. Balance your checkbook. Take a look around at your home, family, friends, and work. You have more resources available to you than you may be aware of. Some are so obvious you could miss them. Take an extra good look and uncover the ones you may have taken for granted. You want to take a full inventory here. You are counting your blessings as well as your liabilities.

What this could become.
Ideas. Plans. Goals
Hopes. Dreams.

Now you can go hog wild. Don’t be practical or sensible… yet. Give your imagination a little exercise. Maybe it hasn’t been out for awhile and you’re rusty. Be gentle and patient with yourself.

It’s okay to have fun with this. What would be exciting and terrific? What would you really love to be doing?

Gathering information is part of this part of the sequence. You want to know as much about these things as you can reasonable find out.

Sometimes we get stuck here, gathering data and postponing the decisions. Remember you want to keep going to you get the results. Later you will keep this picture in front of you like a compass. It will tell you whether you’re on track or not.

It’s also important to recognize that money is only worth what you do with it. If you want to win the lottery, you should have some very specific ideas about what you want to experience.

If you want romance you don’t need to know who it is or what they look like. All you need is what it feels like to be with them. Let yourself play with this idea... go for a hike together… go to the movies… cook dinner together. You want to go through a day and pick parts that will pop up like a “brief commercial break” in your mind later.

If it’s a better job you’re after, imagine what this one would be like if it was what you want. What would be different? What would be the same?

What this could become.
Decision. Preparation.
Chunk down task by task.
Routine. Regimen.
Order. Organization.

Now that you’ve played with some options, it’s time to decide what’s best for you. Now you can take the improbable and pare down to the possible and probable. Logic has its place.

There will always something required of you, even if the great Universe is going to do most of the work. After you ask, it will ask back… for more detail… for clarification of a portion of your picture… and then, for an action that is undertaken with the anticipation of this situation actually arriving.

As you fill in more detail by getting more knowledgeable about this, certain steps will show up.

Start from the final event or situation and work backwards. What needs to happen before this can come about? What needs to happen for that to be doable? and so on, until you have bridged the gap between there and here.

Now sort out what you can do now and later, and where you will need help.

It’s okay to ask for miracles, as long as you’re willing to do your part to make a place for them. I call it getting your mailbox out so you can accept delivery.

When we get to 7, we get to fine tune and hear the special whispers of intuition for the quantum leaps.

For now, you can choose something to do to get things moving. It can be as simple as lighting a candle. Give it without conditions. Think of it as a gift of gratitude for the possibilities and the power to experience this.

Take a look at what you’re actually doing. It will tell you what you’re really preparing for. This is good feedback to see if you’ve really done your homework here.

If you did well, you’re not asking anymore. You’re getting ready for it.

Emotion. Excitement.
Fears. Doubts.
Movement. Action.

Once you have a little sequence of accomplished tasks under your belt, you can let yourself get excited.

Nothing feeds the fires of hopeful dreams like having done something to make a place for them.

The 5 is all kinds of emotional excitement, some good and some not so good. Some doubt and attention to pitfalls is certainly appropriate, but if you find it preventing you from taking the constructive actions to achieve results, give your panic button a rest.

Your attitude is one of the things in life you have immediate control over. You can turn a nasty situation around almost instantly with a shift of attitude. Knowing that a bad attitude won’t make things any better is a really good reason to get a better one.

When you’ve been under stress, generating enthusiasm can seem daunting. If you can find a flower or an anthill, you can give yourself a little momentum just by spending a tiny bit of time engrossed in the wonders of nature. One beautiful thing can be enough to find the pinhole through to the expanding view of life on the other side. Make yourself a cup of tea. Step away from the difficulty for just a moment.

Correcting your posture is a powerful way to adjust your attitude. Lean back and put your weight in your backbone. Pull your elbows behind you to unhunch your shoulders. Hold your head just a bit higher so your chin comes up. There’s a reason they say, “Chin up”. It helps.

Now you can indulge in some positive feelings. Spend as much time here as you can, and catch yourself if you discover that you’ve lapsed into the old, unproductive feelings.

It gets easier with practice. You’re establishing a very good habit. It takes time to replace an old habit with a new one. Be patient and gentle with yourself.

Decision. Dedication.
Selfless action.
Caring about this.

Now you have an idea of what you care about. If it really matters to you, you’ll make sure you are taking care of it.

Spend some time running an integrity check. This is vital. If you’ve decided this is what you want because you are afraid of what would happen if you didn’t have it, you’re only halfway through.

When you get to what it’s like being or having this, you cannot obsess about the fear picture. It may slip in once in awhile, but you now have a very vivid and compelling scene to replace it with.

Listen or Do.
Stop or Go
Ready & Willing
Trust Intuition. Fine Tuning.

Things are underway. You’ve got a good view of the road. You’re picking up speed. You only need slight adjustments in steering to stay on track.

You don’t need to stop completely to do this, in fact, it’s not a good idea at this stage, unless you’ve missed a piece when you did your integrity check.

Your intuition has some suggestions for you, if you can tune in and demonstrate your willingness to respond. It gets a little stubborn when you’ve neglected it, but with prompting, it will come around.

Your job is to trust it and act on it in time to make use of it. The same action a week later may not be the best one any more. Trust that the timing has been factored in.

Include and Be Included
Joint Ventures.

Much as we might want to, we can’t do it all by ourselves, or unload it on someone else. Almost everything takes collaboration with others. Even the tools we would need to be completely self-sufficient would likely come from another’s skillful hand.

There are parts of a project or goal that we absolutely must do ourselves.

Whether they seem grand or mundane, they’re essential.

There are other elements which must come from someone else, either because they have mastered skills we haven’t, or because we simply don’t have time to do it all.

Whoever is included, each deserves a share of credit from you for accomplishments contributed to the final successful result. That goes for those who lend encouragement as well as those who participate in other active ways. Don’t forget to thank yourself.

In this phase, it’s important to be willing to share the glory. The ego has a way of stepping in and convincing us that our role was somehow more (or less) essential, as if a car could run just fine without an engine, gas, and wheels. You need all the parts if you want to get there.

Higher Purpose.
Broader Perspective.

After all the collaborating, there comes a light at the end of the tunnel that promises completion. It may just be the beginning of what’s next, but there is a demarcation line that says, “This is done”.

When you’re heading into the final stages, it gets easier to see all the loose ends flapping at you. They’ve been buried under a mound of “to do’s”. If you’ve ever pulled weeds, you will have noticed, as soon as you’ve gotten the big ones, the smaller ones stand out even more. This is a sign you are closer to being done.

Keeping the larger purpose of all this in mind, while you go through the flurry has a way of keeping these smaller tasks in proportion.

The resolve to buff that last little bit of wax around for the high finish is spurred on by the vision of gleaming shine.

Go for it. All done is so much more satisfying than almost done. When you’re done, you’re ready for what’s next….

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