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Early, Mid, and Later life with Major push of destiny.

Who you are. What you care about.
How others see you.

Alert for Special help and pitfalls.
Some skills can be over-relied on. This reveals the bonus areas of life lessons. Ways to make the most of them.
You have chemistry, but do you have staying power? how dep does this go? what makes it work? how do you make the most of your marriage?

Email your full name at birth, married name(s) and date of birth to contact@yoursumthing.com

Full Spectrum Personal Profile* $129.95

Where the push-pull areas are. How to utilize Strengths and challenges. Your way of relating in work or relationships.

Full Spectrum Relationship* $179.95

In depth personal profile for each of you, and the complexities of your interactive thoughts, feelings, and activities.

*includes all reports to the left,
except the calendar

Personalized #'s Calendar $14.95

Month by month. What's up for you.

Interactive Relationship Monthly Calendar $24.95

What's up for you this month isn't necessarily also up for your sweetheart. With this, you can see that they are dealing with their priority, which may be different than yours. Extra incentive to get things done now because you know where it fits in later. Saves a lot of wear and tear on each other. makes it clear what's up & when. Plan ahead more effectively.

(only available with Full Spectrum Personal or Relationship Profile)

Linda Bruce
Master Numerologist
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