Linda Bruce
Master Numerologist

There are 22 separate areas, which must be cross-checked against each other in your numerology profile. A computer program simply can't weigh these and give you accurate information of how each augments or offsets other areas. It may be cost effective for the numerologist, but not for you.

Computer programs can only spit out isolated bits of information, some of which are diametrically opposed to one another. It does little more than give you a few hints, without giving you help in how to use your complete profile.

My numerology profiles have been used by corporations to evaluate the strengths and weak spots of co-workers. This resulted in utilizing their team to its fullest potential. Everyone stayed friends because their abilities were applied in a more constructive and satisfying way. It saved them a tremendous amount of time during the initial set-up and progressive development. They produced the results ahead of schedule and under budget.

For you personally, there are natural talents, acquired skills, and a few areas of resistance and fear, which factor into your overall resources. Within your profile, there are clues revealing which traits and abilities will be effective in offsetting your personal challenges. Knowing which to rely on, and when, can give you a tremendous advantage in making the most of your hard work and the opportunities that come your way.

"Unless a wo/man prepares for opportunity, the opportunity will pass by unused."

Thomas Jefferson (with updates)

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