• Numerologist since 1971
  • Graduate of SivaMethod
  • Body Electronics Facilitator
  • Certified NLP 1988
  • Accomplished Artist
  • Consulting $59.95/hr.

I love numbers.  Math and physics were brain food.  When I first heard about numerology in 1971, I tried to prove it couldn’t possibly work.  To my surprise, the numerology proved out... repeatedly. 

From there, I explored the sweeping statements I found in the books I was studying.  Why would “children” always be considered a 5?  How can you lump all the aspects of “work” under a 6?  What is the real definition of “power”, and what makes that an 8? 

I did thousands of numerology profiles.  By comparing the numbers with the personalities and behaviors, I began to see the patterns.  Then I began to trust them.  There is indeed a code that guides us, each in our own unique way, to our fulfillment.

By then I was doing numerology for people I didn’t know, who were giving me feedback on the way this nailed them on their avoidances and affirmed their personality and abilities.  Their friends corroborated the information.  The usefulness of having “what you already know” show up in black and white was affirmed over and over.

They were getting better at catching themselves in an attitude slump, and putting their strengths into play, to find more effective solutions to their work and relationships.  They were becoming successful in all of the important areas of their lives.

This was gratifying beyond anything I’d ever done.  I love doing it.  The connection with people is fulfilling. The good that it helps them to achieve has a ripple effect that carries over to others.  It helps put a person back in charge of their lives.  This is a small way to help change the world.  Each time one of us helps another person, we all win.  It starts when we help ourselves be more effective in our own lives.  Now we have more to give. 


Numerology can’t be served from a can.  There are so many nuances and shades of influence that just giving the information piecemeal would leave you with an indigestible pile of rocks that can’t blend together.  The significance of the number in the Life Path is touched in a specific way by the each of the other aspects; inner values, personality, lesson areas, talents, challenges, et al.  Each weighs against the other to heighten or impede the effect it has on a thought or action, and the optimum timing for it to come to fruition.

In your customized profile, every trait and method you have available to you is weighed against each other.  You are a complex individual and due the respect of a personal touch, not a pre-fabricated list of isolated portions of your true self.  I want to give you a fine tool that is honed and ready to use.  I am also available on a consulting basis for specific questions.  I utilize your numerology profile as well as psychic insights, which are more specific and more easily utilized.

Linda Bruce
Master Numerologist
Email: contact@yoursumthing.com
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