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Personality - Your primary approach to your life decisions.

The sum Personality 55 is the key code here. It is a Master Number and comes with all the extra amps to accelerate the emotional energy, which is the 5’s essence. The final sum of the 55 is a 1 (5+5=10=1), the initiator. This is reinforced by the three 1’s in the Abilities column, taking on projects in a big way.

To find out how well Linda carries them out, we look for some solid even #’s; the 2’s (realistic & resourceful); 4’s (chunk down to step by step tasks); 6’s (dedication & determination); 8’s (collaboration & including help from others). Since she only has about one each of these, she will gain her satisfaction by growing into her big plans.

The down side here is the two 5’s in the Challenge triangle, which could slant her emotions into self-doubt and fear. The four 3’s will make for some very imaginative scenarios of what could go wrong. Coupled with her Life Lesson, the missing 7, she is forced to confront her need to trust her intuition and sense of timing. There are no other 7’s here to offset this. She will need to rely on her Inner Value 22 (organizing & routine assignment of tasks) to make sure she allows her intuition to play its key role.

Destiny - The direction that drives your career and interests.

Linda’s Destiny is a 5, the emotional impetus. She is driven by curiosity, desire to understand, especially her feelings and those of others. Another aspect of the 5 curiosity is study, and any form of teaching would be a natural career for her. Her career and relationships must be emotionally satisfying to keep her motivated and interested. This lady won’t be job hunting or marrying for security. The 5 is also about freedom, so she will make sure she has her independence before she gets involved in anything.

The Luck & Gifts Triangle has some angels flying in it. Her Destiny will have help in a big way from the Master Numbers 22, and two 11’s. These are group energy numbers, meaning large numbers of people will be involved somehow.

The Life Lesson missing number 7 is going to be the cog in the machinery. The 7 is intuition and its influence is on the solitary side. Lots of personal space is very necessary to this lesson, to go inside and listen to the little voice. Linda is going to need to pull out of her cocoon to allow her Luck & Gifts to reach her.

Inner Values - What you most admire about others and strive to be in your interactions with them.

Linda’s Inner Values are the Master Number 22, which is the amplified 4 of chunking down the big picture. The 22 can be more spacey and difficult to pin down to step by step progressive actions. It tends to get “out there” in its resourceful and practical influence. The solution is to rely on a very strong personal regimen. Paradoxically, ritual could provide some of the solid grounding here.

Linda will be drawn to others with high ideals and ethics, as she aspires to maintain them for herself. With the 22 in her Luck & Gifts triangle, they will surely find her. This should be quite a team of humanitarians.

The Abilities has three 9’s, which will make accomplishing goals for the good of all concerned, a major priority.

Outer Manner - How you come across to others in the way you present yourself to them.

Linda chooses to take on a solid, dedicated, and responsible aspect in her interactions with her work group and relationships. With two 6’s in her Abilities column, she’s for real, but she’s not letting her strength as an innovator (3’s) and leader (1’s & 55) out of the bag until she gets her responsible side across. She’s also keeping an eye on the escape route if her freedom 5’s feel crowded.

Life Path Progression - Your childhood, mid-life, and later life and the prevailing emphasis of your lessons and experiences.

Linda grew up with her creative expression playing the definitive role in her experience. She probably developed skills as an artist or writer early in life. In her case, they reappear in later life, so she may revisit some old interests in her mid-fifties. Mid-life is an all business 8. She shows some organizing and management talent with her 4 & 8 in the Ability column. She is analytical and innovative as well (3’s in the Ability column), and can come up with solutions others may not have seen.

Luck & Gifts - The inexplicable assistance that comes your way.

Linda’s Lucky number is 11. This gives her clues to networking with people who just naturally click. She’ll find 11’s there in their profile, too. She’s also got the Master Number 22 riding at the crest of her triangle, so there is no shortage of connections to people and circumstances that involve combining talents to assure that their wonderful plans get carried out.

With Linda’s Inner Values in the 22, she just loves the collaboration this entails. Resourceful and realistic, especially in the group settings she attracts, chances are very good that her Lucky numbers will be a welcome addition.

Challenges - The areas you find yourself lapsing into which provide impetus to utilize your abilities and development.

Ouch! Double 5’s in the Challenges triangle. Even though there is a zero Primary Challenge, the doubled Minor Challenge might as well be. This is self-doubt and fear sneaking up on her. With the Personality 55 and Destiny being a 5 as well, she will need all the other tools and Luck she can muster to maintain a positive outlook.

The missing number Life Lesson 7 is a challenge in itself, teaching her to trust her intuition and rely on it to override the fears and doubts.

Fortunately the 55 is enthusiasm personified. With the nicely balanced three 5’s in the Abilities column, she may discover her emotional reservoir is her most powerful tool.

Abilities & Life Lessons - Areas you rely on and trust about yourself, or don't until you venture into the unfamiliar.

These are the natural traits that weight the other areas. One or two of any number indicate a basic familiarity with the method of handling life they represent. Three or more will indicate a facility with this area which goes beyond most others. Four or more of a number begins to warn this person that they may be relying on this area, when they need to develop other skills which would be more appropriate.

For Linda, two 1’s is a nice balance to her 55 (1). She can take charge, but isn’t apt to take over.

The single 2 tells us that she could use a reality check now and again, but she’s got some solid assistance from above in the Luck & Gifts, as well as her own 22 Inner Values.

The four 3’s are almost out of hand. She probably analyzes everything to a fare-the-well before moving to the next step. She knows she’ll come up with something no one else saw, because she has done it forever and relies on it. She can express herself and her concerns lucidly and at length… and will, unless she realizes she’s stalling for corroboration on her intuitive hunch (as her 22 Inner Values of order and action and Life Lesson 7 intuition reach her awareness).

The 4 of chunk down and do it step by step has lots of help from Linda’s Inner Values 22, as she aspires to bring a better level of order to her situation. The Luck & Gifts 22 also puts a sparkling finish to her efforts in this area.

With three 5’s and her Personality 55 and Destiny 5 all augmenting one another, she’s got emotional drive to keep her batteries running in full. The double 5’s in the Challenges give her a tendency to run till she’s drained, so Linda needs to remember she’s aspiring to keep a steady step by step process as part of her growth and development.

Two 6’s give her a deep level of devotion and determination to stick with whatever she’s decided is worthwhile. Her Manner of dealing with others is a 33 (6), so this is a very significant reality in her world. She puts others first with ease, and since there aren’t more 6’s, she is never resentful about her generosity.

The missing 7 is Linda’s Life Lesson, and will provide a strong impetus to seek out her intuition and learn how to trust it. It is the key to the timing of her choice of goals and actions. She will defend her solitude and sanctuary with extra vigor, given the freedom fighting 5’s that fuel her.

The lone 8 is another learning area which comes up for attention after her 20’s. She knows she can do better at her collaborating, but still has a trace of the 8’s need to “do it myself” or “that’s too piddly for me to do”. The extremes will settle out with experience.

The three 9’s are solidly balanced completion and higher purpose traits, which serve to stabilize the master Numbers that speed up her profile.

Compatibility Significator - The component that helps determine your priorities and synchronicity with others.

Linda’s Significator number is 11. This gives her clues to networking with people who just naturally click. She’ll find 11’s there in their profile, too. She’s also got a double Master Number 11 in her triangle, so there is no shortage of connections to people and circumstances that involve combining talents to assure that their wonderful plans get carried out.

This 11 also determines her timing and what priorities are most favored during any given month or year. When she has friends who are on this same cycle, they will feel the agreement instantly of what’s most important right now.

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